Hand Made Herbal Infusions of tea and spice

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Kombucha kit


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Learn how to make your own - 

Using Organic Hand Blended Teas From Orit's Tea Collection Learn about the benefits of The “Immortal Health Elixir” 

Kick start to your own health 

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Q&A of the benefits and risks on a call (or video call)

A starter pack - 1 Scobie, 1 Orit’s Organic Tea, Large Jar with Tap, Cloth and Information Sheet 

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Hand Crafted with the Best ingredients
Small batch for freshness
Tea made to order

Dedicated to Quality

We pride ourselves on providing organic, fair trade and Local when possible. 

We would love to talk to you about your Tea needs.

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Relaxing Chamomile tea

Taste Test

We test taste every batch to make sure your pallet will love it 

Green Tea with Fruit for a hot summer day

More than Drinks

Green, Herbal, Black, Red, White or Floral base with mixture that will get you hooked on tea and spice !